How to Remove Negative Content from Google?


Got negative reviews or complaints about your business? Want to know how to remove negative content from Google? Read here the best techniques to remove unpleasant content from the web.


If you are reading this post, you probably have gotten negative reviews or complaints about your business on Google. Mind it, bad things happen to good business frequently. If you are running your business well and got to read negative review on Google, don’t worry. It is certainly your competitors’ job. But, remember, negative content can decrease your ranking. So, you have to remove negative content from Google for your business, but without pondering over your competitor’s misdeed. Apart from this, you can negative content about your business, when you offer services or products with poor quality, which leads to fewer sales, poor visibility and less money in your bank. This is in your own hand.

Regardless of the cause of negative reviews, it is important to remove negative content from Google to maintain a better search engine ranking for your business.

Why should you remove Negative Content from Google?

You cannot afford your business to survive with negative reviews on the web. And, today’s competitive world, it’s impossible that you have never faced such problems. Google won’t evacuate such negative stuff unless you request for it. You have to keep track of whenever negative content against your business is posted anywhere on Google. You have to remove this stuff as quickly as possible to make sure that no or fewer searchers read it.

How to Remove Negative Content from Google?

Knowing the pitfalls of negative stuff on Google, don’t panic! Take a deep breath and read ahead the ways of removing this obstructive stuff about your business.

  • First, you can ask the reviewers the take down the negative content. If it does not work, go to Google and tell them your story. Google helps if they found the content really illegal and false. Though you will have little chance to succeed this way, you can try this method.
  • The next best option is to cover or fight negative reviews with positive reviews. Promote positive reviews about your business on the web and try to decrease the visibility of negative content as much as possible. Although this is not an ideal method, it is a valid option that you can use. Raise your positive content, but remember, don’t compose positive content yourself. Try to gain positive reviews on your best products and increase your visibility for same.
  • Release the best PR statements for your business and let the top websites to notice your statements. This will automatically knock down the impact of poor reviews against your business on the web.
  • Try to improve your exposure by creating profiles on local establishment pages, for instance: local school or local government. It will minimize the visibility and impact of negative reviews and complaints.
  • Last, but another best idea: use Google’s Public URL removal tool. In case, you want to delete any confidential or private information that can harm your business, from Google, this method works the faster. Using Google’s Public URL Removal tool, you can flag the offending URLs for Google crawlers and will automatically drop-out them from search results. This approach is largely ineffective to remove negative content from reputed sites like Google+.


Whatever technique you use for removing negative content from Google, it is the worst idea to compose positive content for your own organization. Be a quality provider and gain natural positive content on Google.


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